Tuesday, March 26, 2013

She's HERREEEE!!!!

hi mom,

it's me. Freddy. She's here - the crazy lady is here. She walked in in her high heels and took me out for a little walk. I only went #1 because I went #2 earlier when Courtney was here. I've been great so far. I'm the boss, of course. The German is cool. He plays with the tennis ball with me, but so does my pretty babysitter. I can't wait to take my medicine tonight and go to sleep. Hope you like all my pictures to show you what I've been up to while you're in Florida. Missing you. Love,


The doorbell rang (on the TV) and I took my position on the top of the couch to protect her and her German

Don't worry! I'm protecting her!

I love this game!

I also think her German is very nice. I like snuggling with him...I may even sleep on his head tonight.

I even stole the remote from these crazies so I could watch doggie porn.

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  1. OMG, Freddy you made my evening with your update and pictures! I love it, I really do. Do you have ANY IDEA how lucky you are to have the "Crazy Lady/Pretty Babysitter" stay with you while daddy & I are in FL? You look like you are having a blast King Fisher, don't be a brat!! Be a good boy, sleep good and don't steal anything that belongs to Ali & Patrick!

    I love you Poopie, dream of girl doggies...Mommy