Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Spring!


Guess what? It's beautiful today in Chicago - it finally feels like Spring. The babysitter came home early today from work and we took a nice walk outside. She met neighbor Ralph, who wanted to know why he wasn't babysitting me. He also thought that the babysitter was Skip's niece and wished us a Happy Easter. The babysitter is wondering if this is the man that you talked about before you left??? He  was drinking something that looked like whiskey, but maybe it was just iced tea. . . 

Anyway, babysitter also screwed up today b/c she didn't secure the gate tight enough and I got out. I didn't do anything bad, don't worry. She'll learn :) 

Here are some pictures from my day so far. Tonight we're going to dye easter eggs - maybe I'll look like an easter egg when we're done (Don't worry, I wouldnt' do that haha)! Hope you're having a great day in Florida! Love you. 


For a walk on a beautiful spring day!
I came inside for some water -- still not eating much food...
When I sit, babysitter gives me treats!

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