Thursday, March 28, 2013

I miss you Mommy

Hi Mommy,

I wanted to let you know everything's going great, but I do miss you a little bit. I took a few "selfies" for you. One is of me last night when I was leaving in my bed in dads office. The other is me this morning just taking a snooze in the bathroom while babysitter was getting ready. I went poppies today (just thought I'd give you an update ;)). Hope everything's going well and remember I miss and love you.

1 comment:

  1. Good morning Poopie! What a nice surprise to wake up & have a message and pictures from you this morning. I am glad you are missing me but I KNOW you are having fun with Ali (aka.Pretty Babysitter). It is good to know that you are keeping Ali company in the bathroom while she gets ready. Daddy wants to know if you have been licking Ali's legs when she gets out of the shower.......��

    Seeing your little face makes me smile. Thank you for making my day!! The sun is shining and I am getting ready to walk the beach with daddy & grandpa.

    I love & miss you. Hi to Ali and Patrick.